Practice is perfect

“Confidence isn’t something we have. It’s something we practice”, writes Sylvia Boorstein. You need to practice confidence just like you would yoga or baseball or the piano. Practice is perfect.

Self-confidence hasn’t been my strong suit all these years. In fact, many have been puzzled by the gap between my accomplishments and my sense of self. Lack of confidence has paralyzed me for years.

What I’ve been learning recently is that if I stay rooted in the present moment — in mindfulness which is a practice — I am confident. I have new-found faith in my abilities to handle whatever situation comes up. I am optimistic about new opportunities and new adventures turning out well. This spurs me on to accomplishment. I take good action and step forward without fear and self-doubt. My laughter is easy and my sense of humor foremost.  

This practice brings me to my heart, to its wisdom and its compassion.

And, best of all, my practice doesn’t have to be perfect. Just practicing is perfect enough. I only have to do whatever I can manage. Once a day, twice a day, three times a day. Just for today.

Here are affirmations activated and power-packed with healing intention for you. Sit with your feet planted on the floor and feel the connection between your feet and the floor. Now take a good breath. Then read each of the affirmations as you gently, easily breathe in and out. You may return to these affirmations anytime you want a boost in self-confidence. 

  • I let go of living on automatic. I am aware of what really, truly matters.
  • I am connected to my highest self. I am connected body and soul. I am connected to this life, to this moment.
  • I love myself unconditionally. I forgive myself. I am worthy and deserving of a good life. I am enough.
  • I am strong and confident. I am stronger in faith than fear. I trust my intuition. I trust the wisdom of my heart.
  • I am safe and secure. I am always divinely guided and protected. My future is safe. 
  • I love who I am. It’s safe to show who I am, the true me. I let go of the fear of other people’s judgment. 
  • I stop critical self-speak. I speak kindly to myself.
  • I claim all my power and use it wisely. I allow, accept and receive all my power now. 
  • I have the confidence to set and keep healthy boundaries.
  • I allow, accept and receive the sweetness of life. Good things are always happening to me.
  • I have integrity and a healthy pride. I have courage. It’s safe to do things different from the past, different from my family. I’m willing. I give myself permission. It’s okay with God*. Everyone has my best interest at heart.
  • I am comfortable in social situations. I am comfortable being me. I am speaking my truth and am supported by others. It’s safe for me to ask for what I really want. I speak with clarity and kindness.
  • I let my light shine inside and out. 

There you go. This will help.**

* Substitute whatever word you use for the Cosmic Majesty: Yah!, Great Mother, Multiverse, etc.

** If you find this email bringing some energetic glitches to the surface, you need more help than this laser session provides. You may want to work with me or another practitioner to get some personal, intensive, one-on-one help transforming your pain into happiness. See below to get in touch with me and schedule a session. I’d love to work with you.

Many thanks to Carolyn Cooper for the SimplyHealed Method®

1. Sylvia Boorstein. That’s funny, you don’t look Buddhist. Harper One, 1997, pg. 93.