Lose a job, regain your spirit

We lose heart when we lose a job involuntarily. When I lost a job, it was catastrophic, cutting to the heart of who I thought I was.  (And then there was the financial worry.) I felt perplexed, paralyzed, worthless and unappreciated. And I felt misjudged and angry, blaming others and finding excuses for why this unfortunate thing happened to me.

114165792It takes some soul-searching to convert the shame and shock to empowerment. You can make a job transition become a personal transformation, drawing upon resilience, imagination and power you didn’t know you possessed. And what if the job loss is really a blessing bringing you more fully into your life-mission?

How you use a job loss as a stepping stone to your greater success allows you to enjoy more heart-felt meaning in your work and life.

Here are some affirmations set with intention to help you overcome the loss of a job and move more fully into your life-purpose.

I let go of all negative, past employment energy and of all negative energy relationships with coworkers/clients/partners/superiors. I let go of any victim or martyr energy holding me back.

I let go of fear. I let go of the fear of being hurt, rejected, laid off and unemployed.

I let go of anger. I forgive myself and I forgive everyone.

There is a place in the world for what I have to offer. My job supports the unfolding of my highest potential.

I am connected to myself, to my spirit, to my family, to my colleagues and co-workers. I am connected body and spirit. I am connected to my business. I am connected to my clients. I am connected to this life, to my life-purpose, to my creativity.

My life purpose is connected to my career.

I own my own power. I accept it all and use it wisely.

I am respected, validated, important, valued, good enough, beautiful/handsome, confident, capable, ambitious, motivated, dependable, competent, healthy and spiritual.

I let go of the fear of other people’s judgments. I let go of personalizing. What other people think about me is none of my business.

I love myself unconditionally. I am worthy and deserving of unconditional love. It is safe for me to give unconditional love.

The perfect job is here for me. The perfect job for me appears for me at the right time. I am always in the right place, at the right time, doing and saying the right thing.

I work at a job I truly love, one that uses my talents, abilities, capacity, creativity and brilliance fully. I work for and with people I respect who appreciate and respect me. I make great money doing what I love. I work in a great location and have great benefits. I am worthy and deserving of a job I love. I am worthy and deserving of success in business. My business is worthy of success.

I work in a place that is safe and secure. I respect my co-workers, superiors and clients, and they respect me and my work. I attract clients/employer/employees/colleagues/partners that support me.

I am wealthy and prosperous. I enjoy good abundance in all aspects of my life. It’s okay with God/Universe/Divine Mother/Great Something for me to have money. I am worthy and deserving of wealth and prosperity. It is safe. I give myself permission.

Since your work and livelihood contribute greatly to your happiness and sense of self and since love and money go hand-in-hand, there is more energetic work that can be done around your career, business, success, prosperity and wealth. If you seek additional assistance, please schedule a session with Debra so you can rebound from job loss into the career you dream about.

* Many thanks to Carolyn Cooper for the SimplyHealed Method®.

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