Falling in love

Probably all of us love falling in love, perhaps even more than being in love. What if you could do both with impunity by falling in love with yourself?

For the past five years, I’ve had this quote from Rumi over my desk and wondered what he meant:

If you become the one you long for, what will you do with your longing?

I think, Rumi tells us, that when you fall in love with yourself, you reclaim your heart. Instead of seeking someone else to complete you, you complete yourself, loving and honoring yourself for being exactly who you are right now. You become the great love of your heart just by being who you are. What if you are the only one you seek and the only one to seek?

And what if you already ARE that lovable, perfect self, deserving of unconditional love? Then, your longing dissolves into pure and simple love.

Here are some affirmations set with intention to help you begin a life-long love affair with yourself:

I am connected to myself. I am connected to my life. I am connected spirit and body. I am connected to God/Universe/Divine Mother/Great Something. I am connected to infinite Love.

I love myself unconditionally. It is safe. It is okay with God/Universe/Divine Mother/Great Something. I give myself permission. I love my life.

I am worthy and deserving of unconditional love. I am capable of maintaining unconditional love for myself.

I honor who I am and who I am becoming.

I love and accept myself exactly as I am. I no longer wait to be perfect to love myself.

I respect and support myself, and others respect and support me.

I set healthy boundaries. I respect my healthy boundaries, and others respect my healthy boundaries. I release the desperate need for love.

I let go of all past negative relationship energy and heartache. I give myself the gift of freedom from the past and move with joy into the now.

It is safe for me to let go of grief, anxiety and sadness. I am willing. I give myself permission. It’s okay with God/Universe/Divine Mother/Great Something.

I support, appreciate, value, validate, respect, honor, admire, esteem, embrace, welcome, listen to, hear, understand and believe in myself. [Criss-cross]


Many thanks to Carolyn Cooper for the SimplyHealed Method®.

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