Beyond grief and grieving

We lose heart when a loved one dies. How you allow yourself to move through grief for the loss of a loved one allows you to regain your heart.

Debra L HammondTwo days after selling the family business, my brother suddenly and inexplicably died. I was plunged into a tsunami of feelings. Anger at the foolish way he died. Disbelief that my little brother wouldn’t always be here. Regret that I hadn’t reached out to him more. Incredulity that he never enjoyed a nanosecond of early retirement in his favorite place on earth. Survivor’s guilt that he had worn himself out in service to the family business when I had refused decades ago. Despair and despair and despair at my loss.

Slowly my grieving metabolizes into love. Love and forgiveness for myself and for my family. Gratitude for the amazing, completely unique person my brother continues to be in my life. Comfort as the loving ties between my family and me deepen and expand. Joy and pride at the many, many stories about how much difference my brother made in other people’s lives. Appreciation at the new friendships forming with his dear friends.

Courage to pursue new endeavors. Strength to find a new self-expression and more authentic way of being for myself, garnered somehow from grieving for and learning from my brother. New blessings and insights into the power of love.

Here are some affirmations set with intention to help heal the grieving heart:

Now and always I am connected to my loved one. I am worthy and deserving of my loved one’s time, attention and love.

I am connected to myself, to this life, to this moment. I am connected body and spirit.

I feel emotions and integrate them easily. It is safe to feel emotions. It’s okay with God/Universe/Divine Mother/Great Something. I handle my emotions wisely and effectively.

I am patient with the pace of growth in myself and others. I adapt easily. I accept others as they are, and they accept me.

I am stronger in faith and hope than in fear/grief.

I go within and connect to the part of me that knows how to heal and how to metabolize grief into life.

I allow myself to heal by moving easily and naturally through the grieving process. As appropriate to healthy grieving, I move through and let go of sadness, grief, fear, longing and loss.

I release all false beliefs about blame, self-pity and victimhood. I let go of guilt. I let go of anger. I forgive myself, my family and my loved one.

I release all confusion, unhappiness, hopelessness, sickness, heart-ache and grief-stricken depression. I go within to find hope, happiness, health, healing and contentment. I have resolve and clarity about my next steps. I am resilient.

I am open to finding comfort, support and solace in the company of others. I am greeted by love wherever I go. I seek and find the support I need and want. It’s okay. I give myself permission.

I am always in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, doing and saying the right thing. My loved one is always in the right place, at the right time.

I am always divinely guided and protected. I move through life and know that I am safe. My future is secure. My loved one is always divinely guided and protected. I give myself the gift of freedom from the past and move with joy into the present.

Should your depression and heavy heart not lift, it’s very possible that there’s more to clear energetically on your personal timeline or in your lineage. If so, be sure to set up a followup appointment with Debra.


* Many thanks to Carolyn Cooper for the SimplyHealed Method®.

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