The Song of “You”

Master of the universe, master of the universe,
Master of the universe, I’ll sing you a you-song.
You-you-you . . .

Where can I find you,
and where can I not find you?
You-you-you, you-you . . .

It’s–here I go–you,
and there I go–you
still you, but you, only you, ever you–
You-you-you, you-you!

East is–you, West is–you!
North is–you, South is–you!

Sky is-you, earth is–you,
high up–you, deep down–you.
In every trend, at every end
only you, you again, always you.
You! you! you!

Attributed to the hasidic Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berditchev (1740-1809) from Martin Buber’s Or Haganuz (1957). Excepted from Language of faith: a selection from the most expressive Jewish prayers, gathered and edited by Nahum G. Glatzer. Schocken, 1975.

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