Staying calm in the hurley-burley?

In these topsy-turvey times, many of us struggle with stress, fear and anger. What if there’s a simple way to stay calm and purposeful in the midst of the hurley-burley?

There’s energy in everything. Your body runs on energy. You can enjoy high energy in yourself and others. It’s just more fun.

Working with me, you receive energy healing that melts away low energy such as emotional, generational and chronological blocks. You release old patterns and beliefs, and align your energy to health and happiness. You open up to let your magnificent energy create what you want.

As a light worker and energy practitioner, I combine my extensive business expertise and emotional intelligence with my energy healing gifts so you get your energy aligned for success and happiness — body, mind and spirit. I often work with highly creative people who seek breakthroughs in their businesses, their writing, their film making and their arts. I also help survivors of childhood and adult trauma. I create a safe place for all my clients because I continue my own work constantly. I practice a form of energy healing that is powerfully and quickly transformational for me and for my clients. You too can experience peace, joy and satisfaction in all aspects of your life.

Gently lift your spirit, raise your energy, claim your power and fulfill your highest potential — no matter what in the world may be swirling about you.

Just book a session with me to pursue your peace and purpose.  

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Disclaimer: Debra Hammond offers to clients energy healing sessions which involve a natural method for energy healing for the purpose of releasing negative energy blocks and infusing positive energy. These sessions are not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological care which is the client’s responsibility. Hammond does not diagnose conditions, prescribe medications nor interfere with the treatment of any licensed medical or healthcare professional. Clients are encouraged to seek a licensed healthcare professional for any physical or psychological ailments they may have.