about SimplyHealed™

What is energy healing?

Blending the art of healing with cutting-edge research, The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method® is a powerful method of energy work that clears negative emotions on a mental, emotional and physical level in an easy, noninvasive way. Simple, proven and effective, it releases stress of any kind whether it be years of abuse or mundane things that overwhelm our emotional circuitry. A SimplyHealed™ session clears away many issues, not just one or two, in a graceful way. Whereas many healing modalities work with only chakras, auras or meridians, SimplyHealed™ tunes up all seven of the body’s traditional energy systems. This powerful way of healing helps people move successfully beyond past and current traumas without having to retell and re-live their pain and without spending years coming to terms with a challenging past and unconscious beliefs. Clients report profound and life-changing results quickly and easily. Read more about The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method®.

What happens in a SimplyHealed™ session?

A SimplyHealed™ session lasts about 50 minutes and is noninvasive, gentle and easy.  It can be conducted in person in Debra’s office, over the phone or via Skype. Following the SimplyHealed™ method, Debra uses muscle testing and affirmations to direct and guide the intention that clears low energy and replaces it with high energy. A session begins with the SimplyHealed™ menu, an energetic physical exam that leaves you in high spirits and improved health. You can also focus on special issues such as healing a physical problem or emotional trauma, advancing your business, finding a new job, selling your house or curing a pet. In a SimplyHealed™ session, energy shifts only for the client’s highest good.

What is special about The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method®?

SimplyHealed™ has a unique technique for identifying and clearing weak generational energy that may be passed through the lineage. SimplyHealed™ founder Carolyn Cooper aptly describes it as “removing a flawed thread in the family tapestry”. And the good effects from clearing energetic generational flaws radiate out across your entire family tree.

Similarly, SimplyHealed™ can clear energy glitches in your personal chronology as well. These energy blocks in your timeline may be triggering problems, patterns and bad habits now. These can be cleared quickly and easily, freeing you to move forward with your life.

Also, a SimplyHealed™ session can be done as a proxy for a family member or friend. Frequently, a client may dedicate a SimplyHealed™ energy healing session to someone ailing or suffering. It is also possible to dedicate an energy session to a group of people such as a department at work or a community organization. These dedications work similar to any SimplyHealed™ session and are just as effective.

Finally, Carolyn Cooper has established the SimplyHealed™ Method so that no harm can happen either intentionally or unwittingly. SimplyHealed™ works only for the client’s highest good. Otherwise, no energy moves, nothing happens at all; either the SimplyHealed™ Method works only for one’s highest good or it doesn’t work at all. It is impossible to erase accidentally someone’s prana or bring on violent emotional storms using SimplyHealed™. And, like all energy work, it only works with your spirit’s permission.

 After a SimplyHealed™ session, will I notice any difference right away?

You may. Many people comment they feel lighter, refreshed, after a SimplyHealed™ session. Later, clients notice that the mental chatter in their heads has stopped and they are more focused, motivated and present. After they get off the phone from a session, others find their relationships with family members are transformed. Although energy moves and shifts immediately, it often takes time for energetic changes to percolate through our bodies and our lives and manifest as the health and abundance we seek. Once the energy is clear and flowing, your physical body can more easily do what it was created to do: balance, heal and move. Physical problems heal differently for different people depending on their perception of what is possible, their faith, their willingness to release the past. As an energy therapist, Debra is simply tuning your energy to a higher vibration. Energy healing clears the slate so we can write the new lives we want: it is an invitation to transformation that is accepted by us and carried out through our human action. So, after a SimplyHealed™ session, you may notice changes right away and other changes may take time.

How do the affirmations work on each of your blog posts?

The affirmations are set with intention so that anyone who reads them has energy blocks cleared and new, high energy plugged in. These blog affirmations are set up a monthly group call so that anyone, at any time, who reads them is benefited. In addition, any generational blocks or emotional snags in your timeline are also cleared so the high energy of these affirmations sets in. These affirmations, however, do not work as abracadabra formulas. Rather, it is the intention established in the SimplyHealed™ method that shifts the energy. The affirmations only direct the shift for your highest good.

Also, these affirmations do not preclude you from setting up a SimplyHealed™ session tailored to your needs and wants. You can book an appointment with Debra on the contacts page or in the right hand margin of this page.

How much does a SimplyHealed™ session with Debra cost?

A SimplyHealed™ energy healing session with Debra costs $100US.  Contact Debra to arrange a session.

Disclaimer: Debra Hammond offers to clients SimplyHealed™ energy healing sessions which involve a natural method for energy healing for the purpose of releasing negative energy blocks and infusing positive energy. These sessions are not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological care which is the client’s responsibility. Debra Hammond does not diagnose conditions, nor prescribe medications, nor interfere with the treatment of any licensed medical or healthcare professional. Clients are encouraged to seek a licensed healthcare professional for any physical or psychological ailments they may have.